I LOVE BEING 88! (continued)

J’ADORE AVOIR 88 ANS! (suite)

So, how did I journey from psychotic young motherhood to where I am now?
I was ‘by love possessed,’ hiding a split. It took 40 years to face and accept what lurked or burst forth from beneath the surface. Now I am in love with the world. I still am riddled with flaws. But what’s underneath is solid, nothing lurking. It leads to reverence for all of us, humanity. And enjoyment of one precious minute as if it were a year.

Alors, comment ai-je voyagé de la jeune maternité psychotique à l’endroit où je suis? J’étais ‘par l’amour possédée,’ cachant une rupture. J’ai mis 40 ans à faire face à ce qui se cachait sous la surface, ou éclatait. Je suis maintenant amoureuse du monde. Je suis toujours pétrie de défauts. Mais ce qui est en dessous de la surface est solide, plus rien ne se cache. Cela mène au respect pour nous tous, l’humanité. Et je peux jouir d’une minute précieuse comme si c’était un an.

9 thoughts on “I LOVE BEING 88! (continued)

  1. Even taken out of context, your observation, “And enjoyment of one precious minute as if it were a year” is particularly relevant in 2020. Few will have emerged from this year unscathed. I have certainly come to regard every precious encounter with reverence!.


    1. Hi Grace….my loyal friend!!!
      Do you remember we did a Psychosynthesis “exercise” once together? You
      will be interested in my book if it ever gets finished and published. Nearing end.


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