Am I out of my mind? No, but I once was, 60 years ago. That was a brutal era for our young family, with me in the psychiatric hospital for months. My husband was struggling to keep his job and our three tiny children from abandonment. I feared permanent institutionalization. Forfeiture of everyone and everything I cherished, the disintegration of ‘me.’ It felt like Sartre’s play…Huis Clos, No Way Out.
When I blow out 88 candles it is a triumph (and conflagration.) To be continued.

Ai-je perdu la tête? Non, mais je l’ai perdue une fois, il y a 60 ans. C’était une ère brutale pour notre jeune famille, moi à l’hôpital psychiatrique pendant des mois. Mon époux luttait pour garder son emploi et pour protéger nos trois petites contre l’abandon. Je craignais être institutionnalisée définitivement. La perte de tout et de tous ceux qui m’étaient chers, la désintégration de ‘moi.’ C’était comme la pièce de Sartre: Huis Clos, sans issue.
Quand je souffle 88 bougies, c’est un triomphe et un ‘feu de joie.’ A suivre.

12 thoughts on “I LOVE BEING 88!

  1. Happy birthday Julie, 88 looks wonderful on you! I don’t know how I got so lucky to meet you but am very glad I did! By the way, our son’s birthday is today also and we are all going to see him and have cake with him today. Have a wonderful day, Love, Anne


    1. Hi Anne,
      I just got three identical messages from you….and had answered you this morn….let me know if
      you didn’t get my message about being unable to open the phone or email #’s for Colleen and Darryl….but mainly want to thank you for your dear response to my “Love being 88” : )


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