Collegehood’s End

La Fin de La Vie Universitaire

What was he thinking, feeling, 15 years ago? We watched him, now our Silicon Valley start-up grandson, leave us, walking along the Pacific alone. He was headed back to his last month of college life after a semester in Costa Rica for his double biology/Spanish major.
We had spent five days together in Costa Rica’s Corcovado national park on the Osa peninsula. We’d seen a puma, monkeys. He was happy one moment, pensive the next.
“I love being a kid. I don’t really ever want to grow up.”

Que pensait-il, ressentait-il, il y a 15 ans? Nous l’avons regardé, notre petit-fils, maintenant “entrepreneur en démarrage dans La Silicon Valley,” nous quitter, marchant le long du Pacifique, seul. Il retournait a son dernier mois de la vie universitaire après un semestre au Costa Rica pour sa spécialité biologie-espagnol.
On avait passé 5 jours ensemble dans le parc national de Corcovado sur la péninsule d’Osa. Nous avons vu un puma, des singes. Il était heureux un moment, pensif le suivant. “J’adore être un gosse. Je ne veux jamais grandir.”

6 thoughts on “Collegehood’s End

  1. Congratulations to your grandson Julie! My son is only just begun his first college year. Sadly not like he envisioned he too is majoring in biology. Good luck to your grandson.  Much Love, Grace


    1. Grace, you give me courage….I guess you have spotted this blog somehow? Through email? Your grandson may enjoy being home at computer so much he’ll resist going back to a campus. Which college is he attending? amie, Julie


  2. Great post, Mama! Tellement important de lui rapelle qu’il as pense, un fois: “J’adore être un gosse. Je ne veux jamais grandir.” Le photo… il y a 15 ans, la?? Douce/amer, mais plutot douce…!


    1. Ahhhhh…..tu as vu mon 2ième blog……isn’t it a great pic? And I love your Fr….”tellement important de lui rappeler ce qu’il a pensé une fois….(le rappeler?) pas sûre moi-même


  3. You have said so much here, Julie. Walking by the ocean, away from you, your grandson headed into an infinite future in which he has found his place. Bravo!


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