Fighting over Baby Jesus

Se Disputant à Propos du Bébé Jésus

We were literally pulling baby Jesus apart by the head and legs. Wasn’t it my turn to set him in the Crèche just where I knew he should go! George my brother said no, I had done it last year. Mother had to rescue the tiny santon, as the French call Crèche figures. He was only about an inch long, beautifully painted in pre-war Germany, the most treasured figure of all the others…donkeys, cows, shepherd with lamb over his shoulder, kneeling Mary and Joseph. Even the three Wise Men held no magic. Just that little lima bean sized figure. George won, but a month later I found a whole bin of tiny rubber babies for 10 cents at Woolworth’s. I sneaked one into my pocket. He was mine!

Nous étions en train de démonter le bébé Jésus littéralement, le tirant dans les 2 sens par la tête et les jambes. C’était mon tour de le placer dans la Crèche, dans le lieu parfait! Mon frère Georges a dit non, que je l’avais fait l’an dernier. Maman a du sauver le petit santon, il n’avait qu’un pouce de longueur, magnifiquement peint en Allemagne d’avant guerre, le petit Santon le plus précieux de tous les autres: âne, vache, berger avec agneau sur son épaule, Marie et Joseph agenouillés. Même les Rois Mages n’avaient pas de magie. Seulement ce petit bébé, taille d’un haricot. Georges a gagné, mais un mois plus tard dans un bac chez Woolworth pour dix sous j’ai trouvé des douzaines de petits bébés en caoutchouc. J’en ai glissé un dans ma poche. It était à moi!!

7 thoughts on “Fighting over Baby Jesus

  1. I too have a brother George. He is the youngest, so my other two brothers and I tend to remember that he got his way about most things. That aside, this lovely anecdote brings home the value of rituals in our lives. I hope you will enjoy a cosy Christmas and that the year waiting in the wings will bring you good health and a great deal of happiness.

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    1. Thank you, Anne…it was a funny memory…kids!! Indeed it was a ritual that has styayed with me all our life. I’ll get out our crèche later today, our pared down celebraton due to Covid and my 88 year old energy!!!

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  2. Oh my goodness, what a great memory! My sisters and I were intrigued by those tiny plastic babies. We just couldn’t figure out their purpose.

    I’m a baby-boomer, so our dolls were plastic. We loved the scent of those plastic dolls and to this day the smell reminds my sisters and me of Christmas. “Smells like Christmas “!

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